About Us

Go2Convert is an organisation aims to provide users all around the world the easiest utilities (tools) for online file conversion. The use of utilities (tools) is and will be free of charge.

The founder and main developer of this program is Vincent, who was devoted himself to a new project: Tao Software Studio in September, 2010. Hereby, Go2Convert became a part of Tao Software Studio too, Tao Software Studio development team began to maintain this program since then.

Go2Convert.com was established in August, 2008 when I were unable to find a suitable project for my online file converting problem. So I implemented this program and would like to share this program with people who have had the same problem as me.

If Go2Convert.com or any particular utility (tool) of Go2Convert.com do provide you some helps, please kindly share Go2Convert.com with some of the following ways:

  • if you have your own websites, please link Go2Convert.com or the particular utility (tool) on your websites.
  • if you possess a blog, Please post an article on your blog to share with readers how Go2Convert.com or the particular utility (tool) helps you.
  • Share your friends or colleagues about Go2Convert.com or the particular utility (tool), if you think that they might be interested in them.


How to Use

  • 1, Start by clicking Upload button in the home page. Select your image in the popup window.

  • 2, Choose a new format and set image dimensions match your needs.

  • 3, As soon as the convertion completes, a Download page and link will appear.